New Idea!!

I decided to do something different with my blog. I wanted to do a book shop, and you may be thinking that i want to sale  books or other knick knacks but no, I want to do this to give insight on the different books that i have read, or want to read and currently reading. Maybe give reviews, an opinions on how they could have changed and you guys can come in and share with me the books that you have read and did or didn’t like because of the way they may have ended. I have read so many books in my lifetime that i could be walking library myself, but now i just want to take the time and sit down and put it all down (i already have 1000’s) written down and even more inside my head. With your help you can add to the pot and make an amazing collection.

So with that being said i would like to welcome you to My Book Shop!! I hope you enjoy.




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