Boook Review #1

Just finished the book i told you guys about a while back, The last bride in Ballymuir and it was an ok read. I think it could of had more depth and i would have liked the characters to make.I’m  not going to spoil the book by telling you who i am talking about, but all in all i think some you might enjoy 



Book Logic

Have you ever read a book that it seems like it is taking forever to get through, because the characters are so into each other and so much drama is happening in the book that they try to avoid conflict and sometimes each other in the process that it gets s frustrating. I’m reading a book that the main characters are attracted to each other, but they both have so many problems going on that they don’t know how to face them or tell each other. Maybe i will just have to be patient and wait but it is killing me. It is a very good read though maybe you guys would like to check it. The Last Bride in Ballymuir is the book. Enjoy!!

Favorite Black Authors

Since it is Black History Month i wanted to remember some of my favorite books by black authors. I didn’t start off reading black author books. I think every little kid started with Dr. Seuss. I think the first time i read anything black was in school and we were reading Maya Angelou “Why the caged bird sings” in elementary and i thought it was one of the best things i ever heard. So that made me fall in love even more with reading because i was already Sherlock Holmes, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde books. Anyway i’m straying off topic a little but my favorite black authors would have to be Mary Monroe, Zora Neal Hurston, Terri McMillan  Toni Morrison, Donald Goines and quite a few others who i cannot think of. I think these authors truly bring their characters to life and make you feel that you are actually in the book with them. Can you tell me your favorite authors?

New Idea!!

I decided to do something different with my blog. I wanted to do a book shop, and you may be thinking that i want to sale  books or other knick knacks but no, I want to do this to give insight on the different books that i have read, or want to read and currently reading. Maybe give reviews, an opinions on how they could have changed and you guys can come in and share with me the books that you have read and did or didn’t like because of the way they may have ended. I have read so many books in my lifetime that i could be walking library myself, but now i just want to take the time and sit down and put it all down (i already have 1000’s) written down and even more inside my head. With your help you can add to the pot and make an amazing collection.

So with that being said i would like to welcome you to My Book Shop!! I hope you enjoy.